piątek, 25 października 2013

First time ever.

Yes, it's my first time with 12x12 PL page. I've decided to start this big size from october, and I almost gave up... this is so many space to fill! It's hard to change the sizes for me, but I've made it. And this is first week of october, but two spreads, because I wanted make one with photos taken in our city, and show its beautiful houses and monuments. 
I used A LOT (lol) of PL cards from Studio Calico kits, stamps, embellishments. One thing I have to do it's journaling about this week. But for now, I'm pretty proud of myself. TFL!

first PL page

and some closeups

second page

 and closeups

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shicchan pisze...

Hi! Studio Calico led me here.
First of all, I always enjoy your spreads of PL!!

On the Studio Calico gallary I realized you changed the size and you also mentioned it. Now I'm using a Handbook and I'm thinking hard what I'm going to do next year. (I just started PL from Week 34.) I'm satisfied with Handbook right now. Since I'm not married and don't have children, the size is good for me. It's not that I'm going to have a family next year, but I do want to try the size of 12x12. I just love the way it looks better than the Handbook size.

So, you mentioned that it was hard to fill in but do you think you can keep this way? Why did you choose to go with the bigger size? Also, are you going to do it two spreads a week or one spread a week?

I'm sorry for the many questions and that this got kind of long. I'm very interested!

Thank you!

Ewik21 pisze...

oj przegapiłąm >>>>
dała radę bejbe)))