wtorek, 27 stycznia 2015

Shadowbox with Pink Paislee


Today I wanna show you my DIY  shadowbox, made with Pink Paislee goodies for Artworkshop.pl. It's aldo a gift for my dear friend for Valentine's Day ( even if I don't like this day much).

I have a couple of how-to photos, which really can take you through the process of making the DIY base for this shadowbox.
So let's start!

 I used a 18x18 cm box and traced the shape of a square with pencil.

 Then I poked a hole ( rather little cross) with my craft knife,  and cut bigger cross with my scissors.

Then I cut the shape of the square, and voila!.

Next, I glued strips of patterned papers inside and outside the box, added some stickers and handmade flowers ( cut them from a circle and then twisted).

My DIY shadowbox is ready!

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Ewik21 pisze...

bardzo fajowy SB ))) chyba pierwszy raz widzę na twojej pracy kwiatki??!